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Old 09-13-2009, 09:20 AM
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Talking Final Timeline for Mo.

Too bad for you, dog6 asked for it but promise, it will be the last one.

Everything has to reach its end and this timeline entirely satisfy my own approach to the Twilight war. It allows me to play a slightly more modern version of the game while keeping the cold war alive. As a matter of fact my PCs can ride M60 Patton and face Black Eagle tanks.

The last two timeline had been prototypes and they were the result of me (as a GM) having a hard time to chose between a full respect of canon (didn't really enjoy the idea) and a throwing away of canon, replacing it by a fully post-cold war setting (not entirely good as well IMO). What do you want, I like the idea of having a few CF Adams destroyer around and couldn't accept the idea that my pilots would not have had access to F-4 Phantom and Mirage F-1. F-16s are nice but my favourite jet aircraft is and will remain the F-5 Tiger II.

As for my previous timeline, I'm far from claiming full paternity. It is based on the v2.2 and some sentences in the text are even fully extracted from the orginal v2.2 timeline. That is done on purpose as I want to keep the atmosphere of Twilight 2000 and as I want to praise the original team. This game never made it very far in France and if I had not been living in US between 1990-1993, I would certainly have missed it. Nevertheless, despite the huge amount of critics I can make on it, I remain a strong defender of the original game. IMO the original team made an outstanding work (twice) with what was available to them at the time.

Now I start to post that last timeline (a middle-ground one), enjoy the reading.

By the way, as winter slowly comes, from time to time, I'll be bothering you with what I write on the different countries of the world. This is my last timeline, not the end of me. The next post will be on Portugal and Spain
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