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Old 12-05-2022, 01:42 PM
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Question OT: Back packs

For the last 20 years I've averaged 40+ night each year sleeping outside in camper trailers or swags. This year i am on 33 nights, with 5 planned on a beach between christmas and new years, so should get to 38 or so.

My thoughts have turned to next years goals. And i intend to climb 5 or 6 hills in South Australia, most with a height around the 1,000-1,100m mark, and sleep on the top of each before trekking back down the next day.

As part of my prep i intend to get a new backpack. Osprey do a great backpack and are well known in the hiking world. For instance ...


But i'm intrigued by this backpack from Kuiu. Amercian made, used by hunters to hike in/through backcountry etc.


I anticipate each walk will be between 20 - 30km, aiming to be carrying around 15kg.

Both seem well made, I lean towards Osprey because they are a dedicated hiking brand. The Kuiu backpack looks quite different, stronger built, reportedly used by Hunters so i'd have thought was well suited to the task also. But the bags are quite different, so they can't both be well suited to the task, can they? Any thoughts on what to use for an overnight backpack?
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Old 12-08-2022, 12:59 PM
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Hmm, the hunt one might be interesting, I kinda wish you could test them both. 15kg is about what a medium ALICE with-out the frame carries. Sinc we like lists, could you add a load out so we can theorize on which one, or use it for a civvie survivor?
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