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Default Lions Orbat (Kenya)

shrike6 08-06-2004, 04:55 PM For my latest orbat I decided to do my own personal take on Frank Frey's Lions of Twilight (Kenya) orbat. I also borrowed liberally (stole) from Matt Wiser's equally excellent Naval orbat.

Operation Noble Lion

HQ Combined Joint Task Force Kenya

173rd Airborne Brigade (+)

HHC 173rd Airborne Brigade

2- 503rd Infantry Battalion (Airborne) (formerly 3-325th Inf Btn (Abn))

3- 503rd Infantry Battalion (Airborne) (Motorized)

4- 503rd Infantry Battalion (Airborne) (Air Assault)

4- 73rd Armor Battalion (M551/D Co. M60A4)

4- 319th Field Artillery Battalion (towed 105mm)

74th Infantry Detachment (LRSD)

573rd Support Battalion (Fwd)

173rd Military Intelligence Company

173rd Engineer Company

TF Shugart

Element 5th Special Forces Group

Element 3rd Special Forces Group

Element 19th Special Forces Group

Element 412th Civil Affairs Battalion

Element SEAL Team 8

Element 2- 75th Ranger Battalion

Element 23rd UK SAS Regiment

38th Marine Expeditionary Unit

1-31st Marine Battalion



228th Aviation Regiment (Provisional)

HHC 228th Aviation Regiment

1-173rd Aviation Battalion (UH-1) (detached from 173 Abn Bde)

1-335th Aviation Battalion (A/OH-6, AH-1)

3-228th Aviation Battalion (Special Warfare) (Provisional) [FW]

9-228th Aviation Battalion (AVIM)

TF Guardian Lion

HHC 9077th MP Battalion (Provisional)

220th Military Police Company (CO NG)

324th Military Police Company (OH NG)

617th Military Police Company (KY NG)

PSU 310

TF Griffin

HHC TF Griffin (Provisional)

E Btry, 5- 52nd ADA Battalion (Patriot)

2- 56th ADA Battalion (-) (Avenger)

B Co., 3rd Infantry Regiment

221st Military Intelligence Battalion (GA NG)

417th Signal Battalion (FL NG)

TF Lion Tamer

HHC 652nd Area Support Group (USAR)

439th Engineer Battalion (USAR)

379th Engineer Battalion (USAR)

125th Ordinance Battalion (USAR)

370th Quartermaster Battalion (USAR)

110th Medical Battalion (NE NG)

158th Support Battalion (Corps) (AZ NG)

TF 211

VP 69 (P-3)

HSL-84 det. 10 (SH-2)

TF 212/Allied Naval Task Force Kenya

CG 50 USS Valley Forge

DDG 996 USS Chandler

DDG 46 USS Preble


FF 1064 USS Lockwood

FFG 9 USS Wadsworth

MCM 7 USS Patriot

T-AO 146 Kawishiwi

AE 22 Mauna Kea

F88 HMS Broadsword

M38 HMS Atherstone

WHEC 725 USCG Jarvis

WPB 1302 USCG Manitou

WPB 1322 USCG Cuttyhunk

WPB 1325 USCG Metompkim

WPB 1328 USCG Padre

PC 12 USS Thunderbolt


antimedic 08-06-2004, 08:43 PM Are there any air Force Elements? And what is the background for the deployment to Kenya?


shrike6 08-06-2004, 09:59 PM Its based off a series of posts Frank Frey left on the old Webrpg forum.

Subject: The Lions of Twilight: T2K in Africa

Posted by Frank Frey

Date: 07/05/2000 08:07


While going through some old T2K notes, I found a hand drawn AO map for western Kenya. I used this map in a Merc: 2000 campaign and was going to use it for a T2K campaign. Here are some of the main concepts for the T2K campaign.

1.) The main American unit in Kenya is the 173rd Airborne Brigade. It was reactivated in 1996 (oob available). It was originally tasked as CentComm's mobile reserve force but wound in Kenya protecting the oil refineries there.

2.) The Kenyan military in T2K is still a very potent force. They work with the American paratroopers in keeping things relatively orderly.

3.) The two main enemy organizations are the PARA (Pan African Revolutionary Army) a loose amalgamation of various tribal militias and warlord armies and Junudullah (Soldiers of God), a radical Muslim group that wants to establish a Islamic theocracy in East Africa.

Anyway those are the basics. I didn't really get much else done.

Frank Frey


shrike6 08-07-2004, 05:18 PM Subject: 173rd Abn OOB for Kenya

Posted by: Frank Frey

Date: 07/05/2000 14:30


As best as I can reconstruct it the, the 173rd AB deployed the following assets in Kenya.

HHC 173rd Abn Bde

173rd Recon Company (Airborne)(LRRP)

173rd Intelligence Company (Airborne)

173rd Engineer TF (Airborne)

1 Bn/ 503rd Parachute Infantry

2 Bn/ 503rd Parachute Infantry

3 Bn/ 503rd Parachute Infantry (Lt. Motorized)

4 Bn/ 503rd Parachute Infantry (Airmobile)

173rd Aviation Company

173rd Artillery Battalion (Airborne)(105mm)

There were units that were attached to the 173rd. IIRC, one of them was the 228th Aviation Battalion.

Frank Frey



From my notes and such, here is the oob for the 228th Aviation Battalion such as it is.

228th Aviation Battalion

HHC Company

2 x O/AH-6 Defenders

A Company (Transport)

4 x UH-60

B Company (Transport)

6 x UH-1J

C Company (Gunship)

3 x AH-1V

D Company (Fixed Wing)

2 x OV-10 Broncos

4 x A-1J Skyraiders

This is what I have. FYI, the Skyraiders had been purchased by the Confederate Airforce from the government of Chad. They were awaiting shipment out of Mombasa when the war broke out. There were 7 of them originally. They are used for close air support. They have USAAF(United States Army Air Force) on them and are flown by Army fixed wing pilots.

Hope this helps.

Frank Frey


Subject: RE: 173rd Abn OOB for Kenya

Posted by: death from above

Date: 07/18/2000 08:55


they'd probably get an Mp company (4 line / 1 support platoons) attached from the 16th Mp Brigade


death from above


Frank Frey

Junior Member

Join Date: Mar 2003

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Posts: 4

173rd ABN Bde in T2K


In order to help dispel some confusion(or add to it ), here is a brief rundown of the 173rd AB in my T2K world.

The 173rd was actually reconstituted in 1995 as an additional strategic asset. It was to consist of two battalions of regulars, a battalion of National Guard, and battalion of Army Reserves. Two of the battalions were to be airmobile and the other two were regular airborne. It kinda sorta worked out this way.

Parts of the 173rd were deployed to Kenya in early 1997. The initial Task Force consisted of the following

173rd HQ and Spt Bn

1st/503rd Parachute Inf

2nd/503rd Parachute Inf

Co. N/75th Inf(Ranger)

The Reserve and National Guard battalions never made it so the newly raised 555th Parachute Infantry Bn was sent in its stead.

They were later joined by the 3/325th and other NATO units who had been expelled from Italy.

The 173rd has seen action against marauding bands of "Technicals" from Somalia as well as a large so called Christian marauder group from Uganda that calls itself "God's Will".

Well I hope this helps. As always feel free to use any of this or ignore it as you will.

Frank Frey

A very special thanks goes to Antenna for having the 228th Aviation Battalion orbat and death from above's post in his archive. :xyxthumbs


Matt Wiser 08-07-2004, 06:25 PM Shrike, about the Texas: in the first Last Submarine module, there's an NPC whose husband was on the Texas-it's mentioned that the ship was sunk off of Cyprus by a Soviet SSGN's missile attack. You might want to substitute USS Morton (DD-948) instead of the Texas (and a all-gun DD is a lot more effective on the Kenya Station than a CGN). Also, Det 10 of HSL-84 had only one SH-2, and it was taken apart for parts after their home ship had her bow blown off by a Victor's torpedo. Have HSL-94 det 11 for Wadsworth's helo det, unless they sailed without one (unlikely). HMS Broadsword's Lynx helo came from 815 Squadron det K. Your Marine unit happens to be an artillery battalion from the 15th Marines-I don't think 5th MarDiv is going to want that-make them a replacement battalion that never made it to Iran instead. The Marine helo squadron should be VHMM-365 with MV-22 or HMM-365 with CH-46E, with attachments of four CH-53Es and four AH-1Ws either way.

Nice to see a company of the Old Guard deploying somewhere. Where's the Patriot Battery? Nairobi or Mombasa?

There should be some AF there: an ANG A-7 squadron and an ANG or AFRES C-130 outfit should be there, and a det from the 16th SOW with helos (MH-53 or MH-60) would be enough.


shrike6 08-07-2004, 09:06 PM Missed that tidbit about the Texas, thanks Matt. Nice suggestions for a replacement Matt but I'm looking for something to back up the Patriot battery in the ballistic missile defense mode not for Naval Bombardment. I think I'll go with her sister ship the Mississippi as her replacement. I don't think I saw it in your orbat.

Your right about the 15th being an artillery unit. Its with the 6th Mar Div. http://www.sixthmarinedivision.com/overview.html

I'll change it to the 31st. BTW 5th Mar Div was in Korea not Iran.

The 2-228th Aviation Battalion (Special Warfare) [Fixed Wing] pulls the Close Air Support duties. It is made up of A-1J Skyraiders, OV-10 Broncos and OV-1 Mohawks aircrafts. The A-1Js were originally bought by the Confederate Air Force. The Skyraiders were awaiting shipment out of Mombasa when the Americans dropped in.

Matt, If you've got a spare C130 squadron I can use let me know. Your the air orbat god.

The Patriot Battery is in Mombasa.

I feel that elements of the 16th SOW would be better served in other AORs. Although I am adding an Attack Helicopter Battalion to the mix.

I went ahead and corrected it above.


Matt Wiser 08-08-2004, 02:36 AM Shrike, USS Mississippi is in Guam with the Constellation CVBG. I don't think 7th FLT would let her go. One of the older Ticonderoga-Class CGs would do: USS Valley Forge (CG-50) with HSL-33 det 9 (SH-2F)

USS Chandler (DDG-996) has HSL-33 det 11 (also SH-2F)

An all-gun DD would make sense with lesser-capable opponents and in dealing with smugglers, pirates, and other assorted scum, as well as being a potent shore bombardment platform. Hence USS Morton to the Kenya Station. Also, the Forest Shermans have a shallower draft than the Spruance/Kidds. They'll need a shore bombardment platform wherever the Marines go, and 3 5-inch and two twin 3"50s are pretty nasty in that role.

USS Preble was DDG-46. Morton wasn't originally assigned to Kenya, but ordered there after the Thanksgiving Day Massacre. (She was patrolling the Cape of Good Hope at the time and Kenya was the nearest friendly port)

Det 6 of HSL-84 is still active: Det 10 is the one who had their bird canned for parts and thus disbanded and their personnel reassigned. Det 11 was on the USCGC Jarvis but their bird crashed in a overland accident in 1998.

Oh, pick and choose whether you want VHMM-365 (MV-22), or HMM-365 (CH-46E) with CH-53E and AH-1W attached (four each in either case).

USAF Kenya:

138th TFG: (OK ANG) Mombasa IAP: A-7D (12 +4 canned for parts)

130th TAG: (WV ANG): Nairobi IAP: C-130H (6 +2 canned for parts), also two L-100-30s (civilian C-130Hs) seized from an air cargo company also on hand.

Det 1, 305th Rescue Squadron (AFRES): Mombasa IAP: HH-60G (2 +1 canned for parts)

The AF would never deploy without some CSAR support-hence the reservists from Davis-Monthan AFB. They would also have some training to support SF operations if no one from 16th SOW or Army Aviation is around.

The Kenyan AF had 8 F-5s (6 -E and 2 -F) and 10 Hawk Mk.52s as of 1995.

Based at Laikpia.

Helos are a dozen Pumas (French and Romanian-built examples).

Kenyan Army Air uses Hughes 500s (24): half scout and half TOW-equipped Defenders. Based at Nairobi IAP.


antimedic 08-09-2004, 12:49 PM What about he Kenyan Army? And were there any other allied forces in theater?


Blackrider 08-11-2004, 01:50 AM was just wondering.. troops are in kenya but who is the enemy? what are thier strengths and organization like...?

just a thought


Matt Wiser 08-11-2004, 02:36 AM Check the reposts of what Frank Frey had: an outfit called the Pan-African Revolutionary Army (PARA)-a group of warlords and tribal militias; a Christian

marauder band from Uganda called "God's Will", some Technicals from Somalia, and a Islamic Fundamentalist outfit called Junudullah (Sword of Allah)-they'd be called Islamofascists today: they want a Islamic theocracy in East Africa and target anything Western. Frank mentioned they go after Western Female soldiers as special targets: I wonder what they think when said females kill their buddies?


shrike6 08-11-2004, 01:10 PM Antimedic, I don't have any real world information on Kenyan Army units at this time. I'm hestitant to post anything on them because of this.

As far as other Allied units, the British have a frigate, minesweeper as well as an element of the SAS. The possibility exists that the Israelis could be there. Especially if the Middle East was rewritten to include the rl history from 1983 to 1995.


shrike6 08-11-2004, 01:48 PM Matt,

There's a problem with using the USS Morton it was sold for scrap in 1992 and then scrapped in 1993. http://www.ussmullinnix.org/TheForrestShermans.html

the Forrest Sherman that are available:

DD 931 Forrest Sherman

DD 942 Bigelow

DD 945 Hull

DD 946 Edson

DD 950 RS Edwards

Let me know which ones you haven't used.


Matt Wiser 08-11-2004, 07:10 PM OK, change Morton (I wanted her because she was named after one of the best sub skippers the USN had in WW II-Dudley W. "Mush" Morton, KIA on USS Wahoo in 1943) to USS Edwards (DD-950). Reactivated 1997 and assigned to the Atlantic. On patrol off Cape of Good Hope on the date of the Thanksgiving Massacre and ordered to nearest friendly port (Kenya). Ship is very active in support of US/Allied forces, mainly on anti-piracy/smuggling patrols, and on shore bombardment assignments. Ship was first US DD to have a female skipper: LCDR Denise Moore USNR. She is still in command as of 1 June 2000. And she has zero tolerance for pirates, smugglers, and members of the PARA, as does the rest of the USN/RN contingent. Ship has no helo facilities, only a small pad on the stern. 3 5-inch 54 and two twin 3 inch 50s plus several mounts for .50 cal and Mk-19. ASW weapons are two triple tubes for Mk-46 torpedoes.

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I am going to move maybe a post a week from the archive to the main forum. Since this one has Frank Frey's notes on Africa thought this might be a good one.
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Thanks Kato13
"There is only one tactical principal which is not subject to change. It is to use the means at hand to inflict the maximum amount of wounds, death and destruction on the enemy in the minimum amount of time."
--General George S. Patton, Jr.
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I would love to see more about this...or even just US/Nato forces that were spread out around the world at the time.
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Originally Posted by kalos72 View Post
I would love to see more about this...or even just US/Nato forces that were spread out around the world at the time.
I have a lot more stuff for the archive from Chico, but since the files are in slightly different html templates it is difficult to reformat them all into an easy to read format. Hopefully I will have them in the next few weeks.
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There is no better admin man...thanks.
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africa, countries, kenya

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