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Old 05-17-2020, 12:33 PM
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Default Some background research mterials

I know the background is always highly debated in the community. In particular how it was a "limited" nuclear war instead of the classic massive retaliatory nuclear strike that was popular in speculative fiction from the 60s on.

With regards to the actual diplomatic and military thinking on a global war and limited nuclear conflict. I offer up these two publications from the US Naval War College. Not sure if they have been shared before in the forum, my search skills is weak today. Talking about the various global war games they did from the 1970s on till just before/after the fall of the wall.

Global War Game 1 - games from 1979-1983

Global War Game 2 - 1984-1988

Both of these and in particular the second game talks about using nukes against "neutral" territory to deny resources (either economic or industrial) to the other side.
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