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Old 11-24-2011, 02:48 PM
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This I don't agree with you on Dragon,
"A) I changed the cover of the base. Instead of a ranch, placed in a very nontypical location I made this a location for one of the major charities of Morrow Industries, a children's hospital and hospice. This had several advantages: it allowed personnel to come and go in large numbers, with their families; since it was a real facility, the real patients, families, and staff provided good cover for Project personnel; it gave a good reason for large quantities of material to be brought up to the ridge; construction, enlargement and renovation of the many buildings at the hospital gave cover for Prime Bases' construction; the locals knew this to be a hospital for terminally ill children, they quickly learned not to get close to any of the patients or their families or to be surprised when they suddenly disappeared, this was put down to a death or recovery of a child, with the parents simply returning home; the facility could provide the core of a colony after the war; its mission would, possibly, shield it from the worst of the war, targeting a children's hospital is pretty low; it was good cover for shipping high tech equipment into Prime Base."

Not a bad idea. The hospice would also explain a small airstrip being built to handle mid-sized aircraft (one less thing to worry about when the Project goes operational).
The hospital, any hospital is still a target, it may not be by any bomb but it's a target for all the wandering refugees and military personnel.
Seriously if you had survived and was wandering by soon afterwards would you just keep on going by or would you scrounge for meds?
Nobody is dumb enough to just go on by especially if the facility was in decent shape, after all a roof is a roof.
The MP personnel wouldn't have to advertise a refuge camp, it becomes one before the dust even clears.

I agree with most everything else everyone has said and I too got rid of the Phoenix team, what a waste of space.
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