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Old 05-06-2022, 01:23 PM
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By and large I tend to think that 2nd / 3rd Generation Exiles would be likely to end up in a regular formation of their own national Army, with a possible exception for those with particular skills e.g. someone who speaks fluent Polish who might be scooped up by an Intelligence unit as an interpreter etc. There’s maybe an argument for particularly skillful individuals making up an Independent SAS Squadron or Para Company but I really don’t see the British Army (for example) setting up the 1st (Polish) Independent Rifle Battalion from scratch and using 2nd Generation Poles (who are actually British) to man it if already formed units are under manned.

I think the ‘organised’ formations on a par with the Free Polish / French etc forces from World War 2 would be more likely to be formed from entire units defecting en masse.

This maybe belongs in Louie’s thread but I also don’t follow the logic (I’ve seen more than one example of it in T2K) that the UK would recruit troops from places like Africa and the Caribbean as mentioned upthread and field them in Brigades. Yes, I know that in order to address manning shortfalls the British Army recruits from Commonwealth nations and the Republic of Ireland but again they’re integrated into regular British units in small groups But forming entire Brigades from former British Colonies is a non starter as far as I’m concerned. By that logic we may as well field an American Brigade (the Irish are a slightly different case as we do have (Northern) Irish units in the British Army but Northern Ireland is part of the UK).
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